How old do I have to be to fly a plane?

Believe it or not, there is NO age limit to fly an airplane! You only have to be 16 to fly solo, and 17 to get your private pilot's license.


Once I solo, where can I go?

Normally, your first solo is conducted at a single airport, and you fly three circuits around the traffic pattern, including three full-stop landings. However, your instructor will then solo you at a few other nearby airports which allows you to fly solo at any of those airports, and anywhere in between!


Why would I want to get my instrument rating?

Benefits of achieving your instrument rating are endless... Being instrument rated and proficient not only allow you to fly in poor weather conditions - no more waiting for the marine layer to roll out - but it also can provide confidence in knowing that you can still get home if weather closes in on a long trip. Do you have your own aircraft? An instrument-rated pilot sees the biggest savings on his or her annual aircraft insurance premiums!


Can I bring my friends with me when I fly?

Definitely! Once you have your license, so long as you remain current in the category and class of aircraft you plan on flying, you can show all your friends what pilots mean when they say "$100 hamburger!" Check out this FAR for more info.


What does it take to get my private pilot's license?

The process of getting your private pilot's license can be broken down into three parts: Aeronautical Knowledge, Flight Proficiency, and Aeronautical Experience.


What is a fuel surcharge and why don't you charge one?

A fuel surcharge is a fee charged hourly in addition to the aircraft rental cost. Here's why they exist: as we're all aware, fuel prices change. Since most aircraft are charged "wet," or fuel included, the cost of fuel will naturally affect the hourly rental costs of an aircraft. Many flight schools or flying clubs will tack on this fuel surcharge to their rental fees as fuel prices increase. Be careful, though, because advertised rental costs are not usually what you're actually paying. At Aerocademy, we adjust our aircraft rates accordingly, rather than charging an additional fuel surcharge. Even though our hourly rental fees may seem higher than others, when you do the math with the fuel surcharge, you'll actually be paying the same or less.