Aerocademy is offering a 1 hour fund-raiser flight in exchange for a $300 donation to Buddy's Go-Fund-Me. We keep $100 to cover fuel, insurance, etc., and the remainder goes to his Fund ($200). The instructor/pilot will be donating his time. Please help Buddy to heal! Click here to donate directly to Buddy's Go-Fund-Me, or for for the donation with the flight option for $300, contact Aerocademy directly.

This Year's Achievements
First Solo Private Pilot Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot Flight Instructor Total

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Private Pilot Instrument Rating Commercial Pilot
Flight Instructor Total

Aerocademy, Inc.
4349 Old Santa Fe Road, Hangar 52
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Phone: (805) 544-2441

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Cameron McEntire
First Solo
February 22, 2020

Nicolas Hellewell
Private Pilot
February 8, 2020

Aaron Sanders
Private Pilot
February 1, 2020

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Aerocademy was founded in 2007 to give future and current SLO area pilots a place to further their aviation education. We take pride in creating a sense of community by having Saturday morning open house gatherings and participating in local aviation events. Aerocademy is known as the place to go for top quality learning from our outstanding, dedicated and professional instructors. We welcome students from all over the world to fulfill their dreams of flight.

Whether you are a private pilot candidate seeking your license in less than 30 days, to a Certified Flight Instructor candidate seeking coaching, and all the licenses/certificates in-between, as well as flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks and aircraft checkouts – Aerocademy offers the full spectrum for the dedicated candidate/pilot.

Come meet the community and join us at SLO 99s and EAA meetings and events. Get to know the controllers from our tower. We welcome you to visit us and see the difference.

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